DEL lighting for a food business, a delicatessen

Any LED lighting project, and especially projects aimed at a food business, must take into account essential points.

  • Visual comfort
  • No heat emission
éclairage Led maroc esquisse projet boutique

Outline of your project

Visual comfort

The lighting must guide the visitor in a natural way, attract his gaze to the exhibition spaces and stir up the desire to taste what he sees.

No heat emission

The LED technology allows access to any type of lighting avoiding the disadvantages of heat emission. A particularly important point for the lighting of a food trade.

Project Analysis

For this type of project, it’s essential to understand the customer’s expectations in accordance with their business strategy and the need to maintain optimum visual comfort.

The specifications

When drawing up the specifications for a business, account must be taken of the specific locations of the different shelves and the allocation of the lighting products which will highlight them.


éclairage Led Maroc plan 2D boutique


Essential elements for the study of angles, flows and temperatures of colors to put in place.

Eclairage piscine plan 2D

3D plan to determine the location of light sources

Eclairage piscine plan 3D

3D plan determining the areas of illumination to be covered

Eclairage piscine plan 3D

3D plan revealing the power of the necessary light streams and their extent.

LLDA éclairage LED Maroc

3D plan of the central part. Realization allowing the analysis of light renderings

LLDA éclairage LED Maroc

3D plan highlighting the central space and the crate.

LLDA éclairage LED Maroc

3D plan allowing the analysis of the luminous flux of the whole project.


Once the calculations and schematics have been finalized, the implementation should proceed.

You have the choice between, carrying out the work yourself, entrusting us with a mission to monitor the work or sending us to deliver the finished project.

Eclairage piscine

Shooting of the rendering of the project on the lighting of the shelves.

Eclairage piscine

Overview of the Central Fund project.

Eclairage piscine

Shooting of the rendering of one of the shelves of the shop.