By Les Lumières de l’Agdal

“Les Lumières de l’Agdal” offers you to view some LED lighting installations.

LED for shops, gardens, swimming pools and your interiors.

éclairage LED pour commerce Les Lumières de l'Agdal Marrakech

LED for shops

éclairages LED pour jardin Les lumières de l'Agdal Marrakech

LED for gardens and swimming pools

éclairages LED pour intérieur Les lumières de l'Agdal Marrakech

LED for your interiors

Galerie de LED pour tableaux LLDA Marrakech

LED for art paintings

éclairage LED de signalisation LLDA Marrakech

LED for signage

Our LED light galleries allow you to see some of the achievements of “Lumière de l’Agdal”.

Each lighting project is specifically studied from your specifications.

“Les lumière de l’Agdal” will be able to advise you so that your desires are in line with lighting ideal for your visual comfort and respect for the environment.


Light Emitting Diode

A technology that can precisely meet your wishes

The LED technology allows to obtain the desired illumination without loss of energy.

In contrast to other lighting methods (tungsten filament, sodium iodide, halogen, etc.), almost all the watts are transformed into lighting, without the losses observed at the destination of incandescence (intense heat effect)