Architect Designer

Lighting Architect or lighting Designer

Les Lumières de l’Agdal offers lighting solutions according to 3 principles

Visual comfort

Understand the light for your health and well-being, to feel good at all hours of the day and night.

Light intensity

The intensity of lighting must be the extension of natural light, winter mornings must resort to a progressive intensity, the day it must be enough to satisfy a vision without any effort and in the evening it must be moderate to avoid excitement and nervousness.

Respect for the environment

The LED makes it possible to transform energy into a light source without heat being the most consuming point. Resulting in substantial economic savings

Lighting Designer LLDA Marrakech

The expertise of a specialist

Our expertise will accompany you in your project, whether it is private, commercial or public, we will establish specifications according to your data and your desires.

The LED technology will allow you to obtain precisely the lighting of your choice, whether your request concerns the temperature of the color chosen (from hot white to cold white), the beam angle, its power and its aesthetics.

Our design office

Specialized technicians to meet your needs.

  • A study to determine the location of your light sources
  • Finding the best products for you
  • Creation of 3D plans to visualize flows and light rays.