Mastery of the LED

Mastering LED requires understanding the effects of light on our daily lives

Light is beneficial for health in the moment and in time. Its influence is functional, biological and emotional.
It is therefore essential for your well-being that the light be adapted to the circumstances.
The destination of the place and the different areas of the place, the time of day and the audience to which one addresses.

A light professional

There is lighting and lighting

The primary mission of the company “Les Lumières de l’Agdal” is to offer you lighting to see without negative impact on our health.

LED technology allows you to offer lighting solutions that subtly combine your desires for power and color while preserving your visual comfort.

Maitrise du LED Les lumières de l'Agdal Marrakech
Maitrise du LED Les lumières de l'Agdal Marrakech

Lighting adapted to your needs

LED gives you access to adapting lighting solutions

The Company Les Lumières de l’Agdal will take your wishes into account

The power
May vary depending on time of day or night

The color temperature
More or less white or more exactly more or less cold, adapting the Kelvin degrees.

The color
Covering the light spectrum
It can also vary according to your desires of the moment

The protection index
It will be selected according to the position of the lights. Exterior or interior.
Responding to all situations

Consult Les Lumières de l’Agdal, it is the guarantee to get the advice of a lighting professional or an enlightened professional.