The LLDA (Les Lumières De l’Agdal) shop offers many products exclusively in Morocco and throughout Africa, from the latest LED technologies.

Spotlights, light bulbs, neons, ribbons, rails, profiles, cables, accessories, equipment, etc…

Whether you are professional or private, you will find a wide range of high-tech products that can answer at all specific needs.

Our in-store technicians will advise you according to your desires, respecting your health and the environment while ensuring significant savings on your energy consumption.

Access the sites of the best LED manufacturers

Spot LLDA Marrakech
Ruban LLDA Marrakech
Ampoule LLDA Marrakech
Spot LLDA Marrakech
Interrupteur LLDA Marrakech

All our products are tested to guarantee you the best performance.

Lighting from LLDA

In addition to the products offered in the shop, the LLDA design office also offers custom lighting.

Our specialists will carefully study your request in order to respond as soon as possible.

Power, color temperature, color(s), intensity variation and protection rating

Access exceptional products and materials.

LLDA is always on the lookout for the latest technologies to offer you the best indoor and outdoor lighting solutions.